Walk Ins

Walk-in Refrigeration boxes

Our suppliers manufacture small walk in boxes for almost any size and configuration. From as little as a 6’ by 6’ to over 10,000 SF, this product offers a very high degree of flexibility with size and configuration. You can have it manufactured with or without an insulated floor, although we suggest that you use the pre-engineered insulated floor, different and multiple door configurations including glass doors, different heights and floor plans, and a choice of 4”, 5”, or 6” thick wall panels. 

It has an almost infinite number of uses. They can be used as “reach-in” boxes in convenience stores or warehouses to drive-in for pharmaceutical or other uses. They can be used as freezers, coolers, clean rooms, ripening rooms, food processing operations, data storage facilities, scientific testing chambers, telecommunications housing, for use in restaurants, convenience stores, hospitals, manufacturing sites office buildings, and many other areas. They can be customized to supply any temperature requirement to fit your need. Whether used indoors or out, they can fit your need. For outdoor uses, the panels can be customized to match your existing building colors. They offer fast, easy installation and for refrigerated uses, these walk-in boxes come complete from the factory with all refrigeration equipment.