Types of Storage


Cold Storage Solutions Provides Turn-key Service Solutions for the following applications:

Freezers: Our freezers are designed to meet your most stringent target temperature requirements, temperature variations, and the speed specified to achieve the target temperatures. Product throughput, storage methodology and handling are all incorporated into the design to maximize your investment. We design and build storage freezers, blast freezers, ice cream freezers, spiral freezers, and many others.

Coolers: Our cooler designs accommodate the wide variation of needs in today’s market place. From those that require constant wash down, from medical coolers that incorporate GMP’s to rigid humidity controlled rooms for special products, fresh chicken coolers that require a very tight temperature variance, simple storage coolers, production/processing rooms and many others, we have successfully designed and installed them ensuring the success of our client.
Cool Loading Docks: Our cool docks are designed with material flow, temperature integrity, and many other considerations included. Dependent upon your needs, we supply a full range of dock levelers, seals, bumbers and locks. Since these rooms are typically the center of action in the warehouse, they are designed to withstand abuse and keep on operating.


Your Lab must have total and specific environmental controls, specific lighting levels, and have ease of maintenance. Combined with our controls subcontractors, we will design and install any type of Lab capable of the tightest controls to meet your needs.

Environmental Or Humidity Controlled Rooms Need special working conditions or environment with tightly controlled humidity? Cold Storage Solutions has the answers for your requirements. Our solutions offer low maintenance, rugged, durable rooms or buildings that can be constructed in almost any location.

Agricultural Rooms Have a need to control your environment or mirror specific conditions to germinate special seeds or test other agricultural products? We have the answer!
Our Agricultural rooms are capable of replicating Mother Nature – so even she might get confused. They can be installed almost anywhere your needs require. They’re designed to be tough and withstand abuse from all angles. Best of all, they’re easy to maintain and in some cases offer faster than normal depreciation schedules.

Non-Refrigerated Structures Our non-refrigerated structures offer a full range of benefits over conventional buildings. From ease and speed of construction to the aesthetics of their “look”, this construction method has gained popularity in the last number of years. In many cases it is more cost effective than conventional construction.