Monitoring Systems

Over the past number of years these systems have come of age. They have progressed from the simple thermostats, to 24 hour temperature recording devices, to more advanced systems that provide much more real time visibility into your system and its performance. We have installed and used all of them and will recommend that system that fits your requirement, budget, and schedule.

For many installations, simple is better. For others, however, the visibility these systems provide is key to early detection of problems. When you allow us to design your monitoring system, you get a system that can be monitored on site or from remote locations. They can have diagnostics performed from any connected location accessed via standard computer security functions. All we need is a dial up connection or we can go through the Internet. These systems can be integrated into a building control system to form a comprehensive control and monitoring system for the entire facility. At any time you can monitor any motor, compressor, light or any other items that draws electricity in your system. Surprisingly, these systems are not costly and in many cases helps you avoid costly maintenance visits. They also help your maintenance person trouble shoot any problem and fix it quickly. All of our refrigeration equipment manufacturers can factory install these more sophisticated monitoring systems thereby minimizing any field installation.

Controlling refrigeration loss has become a very important factor facing today’s building operators. The high cost of replacement refrigerant and fines levied by governmental officials for the release of CFCs and HCFCs into the atmosphere can wreck havoc on your bottom line. The leak detection aspect of our control systems will immediately notify a series of personnel in the event of a leak. This allows the operator to take immediate action to minimize the refrigeration loss; temperature loss in the room or building; and, avoid governmental fines.

Another issue of concern for cold storage operators is temperature integrity as it relates to product integrity. In our litigious society, it is paramount to not only maintain the product at its designed temperature while in your operation, but you must be able to prove that you maintained the correct temperature. Let Cold Storage Solutions select and install the monitoring system that fits your need and we will ensure it provides that security to help you avoid expensive litigation.