Material Handling and Storage System Methods

An integral part of facility sizing involves the material handling and storage methods employed in the rooms or buildings to be constructed. Whether you are retrofitting existing space or building new space, this is the time to determine the optimum methods for handling and storage. If you have an existing storage and handling system, this might be the time to reconfirm it is still optimum for you current product and customer mix.

Over the past twenty years, there has been an explosion of handling and storage methods enhanced by computer aided systems such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). We know them; have installed and operated them; and, we know the pros and cons of each. We know the sources for the new technology so you are not installing a system that will be outdated as soon as the installation is completed. Whether low or high tech, we have the experience and understanding to determine the best alternatives for your use.

Regardless of the product mix or any other inventory factor, we will offer alternative handling and storage methods for your review. We will supply you with an ROI for each alternative that will balance investment with worker and facility productivity. Together we will arrive at the right solution – combining building and equipment investment with productivity for your space. Let Cold Storage Solutions build and equip your space!