Facility Sizing

Facility Sizing for Cold Storage Applications

Do you know exactly how large or small your facility or room should be built? Do you know the ROI for going up versus out? Do you know the result of an inaccurately sized facility or room? Chances are you might have an idea on the facility or room size and you can most likely imagine the results of an inaccurately sized facility or room. Cold Storage Solutions can answer these questions for you giving you full value for your facility investment.

As you can imagine, building too little space will force you to expand too soon and experience task interruption resulting in lost productivity. Building too much space wastes investment dollars. Cold Storage Solutions has an objective sizing process that we have developed over the last 20 years. It offers an objective measurement that we model and test to arrive at the correct facility size. This process combined with location optimization, if necessary, and other subjective data will render a size that is reliable and fits you needs both now and in the future.

Our sizing process involves vast amount of granular data from most facets of your operation. If you do not have it readily available, we can help you research, organize, and in some cases formulate this data. We combine this information with our extensive experience to establish alternative storage methods and equipment, product throughputs, facility sizes, and budgetary cost estimates complete with an estimated ROI for each alternative. The end result is a “right sizing” of your facility for now and the future and you get full value for your facility investment!