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Bi-parting Horizontal Door

Single Horizontal Slide Door

Like the panels, we do not manufacturer our doors. Rather we select doors and their combination for your specific application, budget, and schedule. The result is you get a door or door combination that gives you the best return on investment. Our door selection process considers cost, energy conservation, maintenance, product flow, and, productivity. Our manufacturers design and manufacturer doors for cold storage, controlled environment, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, processing, and others. Applications in which these doors are used include blast freezers, laboratories, testing facilities, coolers, cool docks, research facilities, testing rooms, ripening rooms and many others. 

In any refrigerated application, we have a variety of insulated doors that can be motorized, manual, single slider doors and bi-parting doors. For those that need motorized doors, we often make these applications automatic so that the operator does not have to stop and open the door each time they enter/exit the room/building. The insulated doors offer the same R value as our panels so when closed, heat infiltration is eliminated. 
Since many of applications, especially refrigerated applications, involve the use of material handling equipment entering and exiting the rooms many times each hour, the insulated doors described above are not closed by the operators. In that event, we offer a wide variety of tools used to minimize heat infiltration. This ranges from simple strip curtains, to air curtains, to high tech high speed folding or roll–up doors. The high tech doors are designed to work in almost any application including freezers, coolers, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and clean rooms to name a few. For food processing these doors have been designed to meet and exceed the most stringent and comprehensive hygiene standards known. 
When your application requires the use of these high tech doors, we design the right combination of insulated and high tech doors to give you the best ROI.

Fast Fold Door

Rollup Door

Bump Door

Impact Door
We have a wide variety of pedestrian doors used in all applications. As with the other doors we offer, they range from manual doors to automatic doors, bump doors and others. They supply the insulation, sound attenuation or other need required for your application. 

Pedestrian Impact Door

Pedestrian Door 
Dock Doors: The dock doors we use include insulated sectional overhead doors, roll-up doors, steel doors and others. We compliment these with special situation doors such as automatic lift doors, bug screen doors, knock out doors and others. Again, we design the complete application with your schedule, budget and application in mind. 
All of the doors we use carry the manufacturers warranty and for special situations, we extend those warranties.