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Multi Temperature Food Distribution Center

McDonald's Guatemala City, Guatemala

Key Details

  • Construction Brick/Block dry & office with metal roof over all spaces;  insulated metal panel walls & ceiling for refrigerated space
  • Freezer  21,350 FT²  0⁰ - 5⁰ F
  • Cooler  2,140 FT²  34⁰ - 38⁰ F
  • Cool Dock  9,920 FT²  40⁰ F
  • Dry Storage  17,325 FT²  Ambient
  • Material HDL.  1,500 FT²  Ambient
  • Expansion  22,570 FT²
  • Office(two floors)  11,544 FT²
  • Total footprint  56,000 FT²
  • Clear Height  35 FT
  • Dock
    • Cool dock – 11 dock positions and 4 future dock positions
    • Dry – 7 dock positions
  • Floor
    • Flatness – Super-flat shrink compensating wear slab
    • Freezer protection - ~25,000 FT²
  • Refrigeration
    • Gas – Freon
    • Equipment design – double compressor rack, one each for low and medium temperature
  • Storage
    • High Density – 4,378 pallet positions
    • Single pallet – 833 pallet positions

Project Scope: Refrigeration and storage system
Project Total Value: $2,922,173
Adjusted Value: $2,940,759
Change Order (1): $18,000

Schedule: Includes planning, procurement, and construction 

  • Building Commence & complete:  6/1/2009 - 8/30/2010
  • Refrigeration     Commence & complete:  9/1/2009 – 8/13/2010
  • Storage system Commence & complete:  3/1/2010 – 8/13/2010
  • Delays: one two week delay for refrigeration equipment held at customs awaiting tax import payment & dray to job site from port.

Issues & Successes encountered:

  1. Building in Earthquake zone 6. 
    • Required additional engineering and signoff by independent engineers (all part of the RFP). 
    • Additional/stronger fastening for all refrigeration panel connections and storage system floor anchors.
    • Result: The facility has withstood two 6+ earthquakes recently without issue.
  2. Clear height of 36 ft. (40 ft. to roof line) and high piled storage required super flat floors
    • None of the US contractors would travel to Guatemala to construct this floor due to size
    • Located, tested and contracted a local contractor to install super flat floors
    • Result: The floors did not attain FF100, but were approximately of FF75
  3. Multi directional/sloped truck apron
    • Created issues with the truck seal against the building resulting in heat infiltration, problems unloading with material handling equipment on a wet aluminum truck bed floor and, truck apron storm water drainage
    • Extending the “flat” portion of the apron & changing the dock seal header curtain to accommodate different angles of the trailers.  Installed a trench drain against the dock foundation wall for that portion of the apron that slopped toward the building.
    • Result: No issue with material handling equipment traction on refrigerated trailer bed, minimized heat infiltration and storm water was not an issue.

Client Reference: Federico Richter ● Project Development Manager ● Telephone: 011.502.5414 2997 ● E-mail: Federico.Richter@mcd.com.gt

SCA Team Member: Jim Wueste ● 35 years of experience building distribution facilities

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"A pleasure to work with every step of the way.  Your standards of quality and exceptionally fast installation have become our measuring stick for insulated metal panel installation"

Lynn Gray and Tim McElroy - ARCO Beverage Group


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