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We use a variety of insulated wall and ceiling panels dependent upon the specific client needs and budget. We use the best in urethane foam panels from a selection of pre-qualified manufacturers that fits your specific need. For some applications we will use extruded poly-styrene panels or bead board panels all from pre-qualified manufacturers. Whether refrigerated or non-refrigerated, the panels we use will exceed your requirement and provide the best insulation value for your investment.

Refrigeration Systems:

Cold Storage Solutions offers a number of different refrigeration systems form different manufacturers. In freon, our offerings range from split systems to rack systems. For Ammonia, we offer a wide variety of compressor systems all with different benefits. In wither case, we select the best system to fit you product requirement, schedule and budget.


We offer a full range of doors from low tech manual doors to the advanced automatic fold or roll-up doors. This includes sliding horizontal doors, vertical lift doors, bi-parting and single panel doors, pedestrian doors, sectional overhead doors for the cool dock and others. We offer options for all drive through doors to operate manually or motorized. We analyze your use and design the best door for your application and budget. All insulated doors have the same R value as the insulated panels to which they are attached. 

Floors Systems:

Cold Storage Solutions excels in its design on freezer floors. We offer a variety of floor protection systems and for qualified projects, we will guarantee the floor design for up to 10 years. As with many other specifics of the total design, we offer specific ROI analysis on the floor design and protection system to help you determine the best alternative for your application. 

Monitoring Systems:

We offer a wide range of monitoring systems all designed to fit your need and budget. From simple thermostats to remote (long distances) controlled monitoring systems from which diagnostics can be performed and equipped with sophisticated GUI interface allowing even the non-technical user to monitor the system, we determine the best solution for your intended use and budget.

Facility Sizing:

As part of our “right sizing” process, we objectively determine the correct building or room size that fits your business needs. We do this through a thorough and detailed examination of your existing business. We model this information to arrive at the objective measurement of required size. Among the many parts of the sizing equation, we always include and optimize the material handling and storage techniques with productivity to arrive at the best answer for your business requirement.

Material Handling and Storage Methods

Part of our sizing process includes the examination of alternative storage and material handling methods. Each alternative will be tailored to fit your specific inventory and throughput needs; and, will be accompanied by an ROI for your evaluation. We balance that with your productivity to arrive at an optimum method.


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