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Who is Cold Storage Solutions?

Cold Storage Solutions is a firm specializing in the design and construction of freezers, coolers, cool docks, clean rooms, humidity controlled rooms, Laboratories and testing rooms, rack supported structures, non-refrigerated structures, environmental rooms, special agricultural rooms or buildings, and many other climate controlled rooms or buildings. Whether freon or ammonia based, our design and installation knows no boundary.   We start in sizes as small as walk-in boxes and go as large as your business needs dictate.

We offer a complete turnkey service or if your requirements are limited, we offer individual services designed around your requirement, such as panel design and installation.  For those clients who need a complete turnkey service, we start with “right sizing” the building or room to fit your needs today and in the future.  We plan its location around your existing operation whether on the same site or in another location, we help you optimize your supply chain. 

Main Office: 913-766-4344 | Fax: 913-766-4345 | Cell: 913.707.9001

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